The best Police Torch? Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight Review

Alongside their boots, a police officers torch can be the greatest investment they can make. From experience, the majority of crime that police officers deal with occurs at night with criminals using the cover of darkness as protection. Iuse my torch more than my handcuffs, baton or PAVA spray so for me Ihad to make sure that my was up to the job! 

The Home Office approved, standard issue torch in the UK is the Maglite 2 Cell. The Maglite is an undeniable powerhouse with its chunky design, durability and versatility which allows you to swap in and out different bulbs and lenses. After using it for a few months I found that it was too large and cumbersome to be worn on the hip, attached to my duty belt. So I set out on a mission to find a fitting replacement. After trying a couple of different options I settled on the Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight, possibly the coolest named torch on the planet! 

The details

After using the Shadowhawk for the past 4 months I have been nothing but impressed! Theres a strange sense of satisfaction that comes from having the best torch out of the entire shift…. The Shadowhawk can run on both a rechargable battery or a 3 double a batteries. The rechargable battery is your best bet with 6 hours of charge thanks to its super bright but efficient LED bulb. The torch is compact and fits perfectly either onto your duty belt, tac vest or a pocket on your stab vest. It is both waterproof and drop proof thanks to its lightweight “military grade” aluminium constrcution. It has 3 different light modes, “beam”, “Strobe” and “SOS” – and  an adjustable zoom funtion which means you can adjust the range to suit any given situation. Perhaps one of the most important features for me was that it is able to work below 0 degrees celsius, believe it or not, the Maglite would often become somewhat temperemental below 3 degrees celsius. It is delivered with the battery charger and a belt pouch which fits well on a standard duty belt. 


The Shadowhawk is a a versatile, compact package which offers everything you could ask for from a torch without breaking the bank. Priced from £10.00-25.00 it can be ordered by clicking Here

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