What is Criminology?: An Introduction to the Study of Crime

Crime is a topic that intrigues the masses. What drives someone to kill? Its a question that many have tried to answer yet we have never quite managed it. This study of crime is known as Criminology and delves into every aspect of crime in order to, or attempt to, rationalise, the thinking behind criminal acts. 

Criminology utilises theories to explain the possible thought processes of both offenders, witnesses and victims. In this series, I will introduce you to a handful of the most interesting and well-known theories of crime as well as the people who created them. I will apply them to real-life cases in the news today so to help you build the skills required to be a successful criminologist.   

To start off we must break criminology down into several smaller parts, those are Criminal Psychology, Penology, Media and Social influences and Social Policy. Criminal psychology is what I like to call the theories behind the thoughts. It studies questions such as; why did they do it? How did they become like this? Etc. Penology is the study of how we punish those who do us wrong, do we lock them up and throw away the key? or can this person be saved? How do we deal with criminals in society? Media and Social influence looks into how the media portrays crime and society’s attitudes towards it. Social Policy is the study of how the country is run and how vital services as paid for such as the prison service, the police and probation services. It is a vital part of Criminology that is often left behind. 

   If you are looking to get a head start, take a look at the books that I have listed below! I have used each of these books personally and have found them to be a great way into studying criminology! Just Click the picture to be taken to the Amazon page.

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