Police Kit: The Best Police Watches!

Watches. Most wear them as fashion accessories, spending a house deposit to dress their wrist. Before joing the police I was never really interested in watches but now I cant leave the house without it. In this post I’ll be discussing what I feel makes the perfect watch and why it is an essential investment for every police officer to make. 

The Criteria

Much of police work is time dependant. Every notebook entry must be time stamped, every arrest has to be recorded with a time, as does the time of arrival at the police station with a prisoner. As a police officer your watch becomes your friend, counting down the hours until you can go home to see the family, or your worst enemy as it counts up the minutes since you were meant to finish. I personally run a Casio G-Shock, one of the toughest watches on the market. For me it ticks all the boxes and most importantly doesn’t break the bank! Below is the criteria I feel makes a great police watch.

Durable. Due to the robust nature of police work your watch needs to be able to take a knock or too, whether its against the curb in a high st scrap or on the desk as your walking past. Metal watches tend to scratch and can potentially injure or damage whatever they come into contact with, not always a good thing… Rubber straps perform best in this department.

Waterproof. Unfortunately the UK isnt all sunshine and palm trees so its important for your watch to be able to handle everything from a plunge into a lake or just a bit of UK drizzle whilst on foot patrol. 

Chunky. This is a personal preference but I prefer my watch to be nice and chunky, a large face is easy to read and gives a sense of substantiality while on your wrist. 

Digital Time. A digital time display makes telling the time quickly just that bit easier, its a small detail but for me it makes a big difference. Its even better if it displays the time in the 24 hr format.

Reasonable Price. When it comes to watches you can pay whatever you want, but remember if it breaks it will need to be replaced. There is a fine balance between price and quality and it is important to consider this. I prefer to pay a slight premium for a higher quality watch because it means that it is likely to serve me well in the long term. 

My Recommendation

As I mentioned before, I daily drive a Casio G-Shock so it should come as no surprise that it is the G-Shock that I would recommend. In my opinion the G-Shock range offers a watch to suit everyone at reasonable prices. They are well built and offer a high quality finish in a durable package. I have worn my most recent G-Shock everyday for the past year or so and it has never let me down. It has been covered in everything from mud to blood and hasn’t skipped a beat! I have listed a few of the very best G-Shocks on the market below! If you are interested, just click the link to be taken to the Amazon page!

Casio G-Shock GAW-100B-1AER Men Watch, Black CASIO G-Shock Frogman GWF-D1000JCG-9JR Japan Coast Guard 70th Anniversary Collaboration Model Watch Casio G-Shock Men’s Watch GA-110MB-1AER
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